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Enjoy our community, register your account and log in discord to get all the news and updates. Mu Italy was born from the union of 2 developers who would like to see an active Italian community of this fantastic game. After playing on other foreign servers we decided to create an international Italian server. You will be surprised by the attention to detail and the PvP and PvM balancing that has been done. If you don't believe us, come in check it with your own eyes. Enjoy.

Regular Experience: 10x
Skill tree 400 levels (400 points)
Masterskill exp 15x
Exp offline 5x
Max connections client: 3
Monster Item Drop: 40%
Points for Level: 5/7
View of 3D Camera (long distance): ON
Antihack / Anticheat: ON
Items bank
Pvp balance
System reward Gens pvp
Drop guides created by Mu Italy Team
Battle pass
Daily reward
Premium Anticheat
Unlimited FPS
Graphic texture HD
Launcher premium with Auto DEP